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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology to implement your real assets digitally into the real scene. We are happy to support you in choosing the right solution and implementing an AR project – whether engineering, tourism, music, retail, healthcare, education or for tactical applications. With an AR application, your product or area of application is always in the foreground. Enormous cost savings in training courses, such as dealing with complicated industrial machines, maintenance work on vehicles or sales training. The possibilities are unlimited. You will receive a solution with which you can immensely optimize your production processes and present them in a unique and interactive way simply by using a head-mounted display.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most immersive technologies. We support you in offering your users a profound and emotional experience. Whether in education, healthcare, engineering, music, retail, or tactical use cases. With a VR solution, we create an individual world of experience in which everything revolves exclusively around your area of application or your product. Enable your students to realize an educational journey on the moon or give your customers a tour through your next construction project. Such an application immerses you in a world of interaction that you won\’t easily forget.

Serious Games

Serious games are digital games that are not primarily or exclusively for entertainment purposes, but which may contain such elements. In general, one can use Serious Games – to interactively convey information about products or education. By using already existing product information or CAD data it is possible for us to convert them into a suitable format and to prepare them in such a way that they can be implemented on your existing website or in an interactive application tailored for you. Regardless of whether it is industrial machinery, automotive, jewelry or architectural models. This gives you the opportunity to present your products 24h in their best light, before they are ordered by the customer. It is also possible to create configurators for various products. In this way you enable the user to customize the product to his individual requirements and wishes and create added value both for your company and for your customers by individualizing the existing product range. Don\’t miss the opportunity to increase your profits after only a short time through fewer returns and more sales through the emotional component. The ability to interact with your product adds a new dimension to the user experience, regardless of time or place.


Provide your customer an emotional product experience on your website, on all common mobile devices or on request in augmented- or virtual reality. With an impressive real-time visualization in 3D, the configurator makes it possible to present all variants of your products in a user-friendly way and individually tailored to your clientele. Depending on your requirements, it also takes into account automated price calculation or the creation of proposals. The visualization also realistically shows the current configuration status, facilitates the explanation of products requiring intensive consulting and supports the business development as well as sales with breathtaking quality.

3D visualization and printing

You have a drawing or a draft of your future product but not enough money to produce a prototype? We can create you a 3D-model of it. You will be able to see and show your future product or concept as a photorealistic image or present it physically. It is easier to provide something never seen before to an investor or potential partner.  We are also able to deliver a functional 3D printed model of your product as well. Benefit from the new possibilities offered by 3D printing and achieve the best possible results with product developments, larger relocation plans or the optimization of your existing production processes.


Professional aerial photography and dynamic tracking shots for film and television. With over 20 years of experience in camera, editing and post production, we bring the best quality footage to the platform of your choice. On request, our ground and aerial photos can be created in 360° and integrated into interactive VR applications. It is possible to offer your customers a unique virtual tour through or over your company building or your future construction project.

Parallel to classical imaging, the use of special infrared cameras with drones is possible. The near-IR area is used primarily for recording and categorizing vegetation data. Thermographic aerial photography through the use of drones is also ideal for detecting damage to photovoltaic and industrial installations and detecting heat or cold leaks.

Laser scans and photogrammetry

Primarily we use laser scanning technology and photogrammetry to create 3D reconstructions and documentations of objects and facilities. For the purpose of visualization, presentation, construction documentation and planning, 3D models of entire plots of land, factory premises and construction sites can be created. An order of magnitude of several square kilometers is not uncommon and can be scanned and visualized with an extremely high precision if required.

360 degree tours

As a service partner of Matterport, we can create you a 360-degree tour with a state-of-the-art 3D camera technology. The system combines RGB cameras with infrared depth sensors, which are used in 3D scannings, to create a unique three-dimensional experience and insight of your premises in the highest quality. The virtual tour is hosted in a cloud and can easily be integrated into your existing website and shared on any social network. Even on a smartphone or tablet the tour can be accessed very fast by providing a link to the customer.

360 degree Videos

We create your 360° tour with the latest 3D camera technology. The recording system combines RGB cameras with infrared depth sensors, which are also used in 3D scanning, to capture a unique three-dimensional image of your premises in the highest quality. The virtual tour is made available to your customer on an online storage device and can be accessed from all common devices such as smartphones or tablets or can be easily integrated into your existing website and shared in social networks. The virtual tour can thus be called up quickly and easily via a single link. For an even more intense experience, your tour can also be realized in virtual reality.

It is essential to start with a partner who understands the intersection of business and technology. With our wide range of expert knowledge, our constantly growing qualified network and portfolio, we deliver business-relevant results quickly and reliably and support you in both the digitization and the optimization of existing systems.


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