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Welcome to my personal website, which may not appear personal at first glance.
Nonetheless, check out my blog updates to see what I am working with and on.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) blends digital assets into real-world scenes, offering unlimited possibilities. I believe it’s the future of immersive technologies.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is among the most immersive technologies with applications in education, healthcare, engineering, music, retail, and more. The only limit is human imagination. However, not everyone turns to VR after a long day, though I admittedly do.

Serious Games

Serious games, digital games for more than entertainment, often incorporate educational or informative elements. These games utilize gamification and interactive methods.


Configurators present user-friendly product variations and combinations. Who wouldn’t want to try Alcantara?

3D visualization and printing

3D visualization makes presenting objects easier, without relying on favorable conditions or preparing physical assets. 3D objects can be printed or integrated into interactive applications. Picture your dream car or partner today.


Aerial photography and videography align with my passions. Remember, the sky is not the limit!

Laser scans and photogrammetry

Laser scanning and photogrammetry excel at creating 3D reconstructions and documentations. Save effort when recreating realistic 3D objects or digital twins.

360 degree tours

Crafted from 360-degree photos, videos, or laser scanner material, 360-degree tours enable viewing distant locations.

360 degree Videos

These videos provide immersive footage for virtual reality, placing viewers in the midst of the action.

What else do I do?

Well, when there’s time besides all the computer stuff, I like to travel around the world. Mostly fast. Mostly in a car. So, not just on the internet.

I enjoy spending time by the sea as well as in the mountains. I’m not really the type for jogging. Instead, I might be on a penny board, dirt bike or doing downhill, shooting at small targets, climbing up the occasional small hill, or diving with a harpoon.

I participate in clubs related to chess, basketball, and computer technology.

I like complex computer and board games, and sometimes I let loose in a first-person shooter. My favorites include both classic and new titles. And by classic, I mean titles from the Commodore 64 era, the entire Doom, Diablo franchise or Resident Evil, up to open world/verse titles like Minecraft, Satisfactory, or Star Citizen.

Why is everything Black & White?

In summary: I embrace duality, which I interpret as binary. It’s a matter of two sides.


Ideas, feedback & inquiries are always welcome.

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