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Welcome to my personal website. What may not look like a personal one at first glance. Nevertheless, you can see here basically what I am personally interested in. Lately I also write in my blog from time to time.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology to implement your real assets digitally into the real scene.
The possibilities are unlimited! 
And when it comes to immersive technologies, I believe this is the future.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most immersive technologies. Whether in education, healthcare, engineering, music, retail, or tactical use cases. In virtual reality, only the human imagination sets the limits. Quite fine. But honestly, how many people put on such a helmet after a stressful day? 
But I’m not the benchmark either.

Serious Games

Serious games are digital games that are not primarily or exclusively for entertainment purposes, but which may contain such elements.
In general, one can use Serious Games – to interactively convey information about products or education.
Gamification and so on.


A configurator makes it possible to present different variants and combinations of different products and assets in a user-friendly way.
And yes, I’ll take the Alcantara.

3D visualization and printing

It’s easier to visualize and use something in 3D than it is to wait for good weather conditions or to clean up the assets, as well as the environment, before photographing the things you want to present.
Moreover, the 3D objects can be printed afterwards or used in interactive applications.
How about the dream car or the partner of your dreams today?


This can also be combined quite well with my passion, photography and videography.
SKY is NOT the limit!

Laser scans and photogrammetry

Laser scanning technology and photogrammetry are ideal for creating 3D reconstructions and documentations of existing objects and facilities.
It saves a lot of work if you want to recreate something realistically in 3D or create a digital twin of it.
Yes! Let’s just recreate the world!
Or just hack the planet!

360 degree tours

360-degree tours can be created on the basis of 360-degree photos or videos as well as with material from the laser scanner.
Such a 360-degree tour is especially fun when you want to view places that are not in the immediate vicinity.
I know where you are going – No!

360 degree Videos

Basically, we’re talking about footage for virtual reality.
Movies, as it were – Where you’re right in the middle of the action.
No comment!

Why is everything Black & White?

In a nutshell: I believe in duality. Yes. This means binary for me. And it takes two, for you.


Ideas, feedback & inquiries are always welcome.

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